best social bookmarking sites

The key to making social bookmarking sites work is this – The more bookmarks or votes your webpage gets within confirmed bookmarking site, the more visible it becomes within the city and the more best social bookmarking sites direct traffic that community drives to your site.

This can be a strategy.

1. Sign up for as much social bookmarking accounts as possible. This is to construct one of the ways links to your website and increase Page Rank.

2. Focus you networking energies on a couple of popular sites so your content gets bookmarked and voted on as quickly as possible in these sites. The target is (this is tough for some of us) would be to draw awareness of yourself, which in turn will direct traffic to your website

3. Eventually business owners will want to carry links on the sites or blogs

Let’s look at each one of these strategies in more detail.

1. To create page rank for our website, in the profile section of every social bookmarking site, create one or more link, maybe more with respect to the site. We need to give attention to Social Bookmarking sites with a full page rank of 3 or more to get “quality links “.Rank is important once you believe a site with a full page rank of 8 might be worth ten links when compared with a site with a full page rank of only 3. Everytime you register with a cultural bookmarking site, the bookmark you create is just a link, then you definitely create a link within your profile as well. This is two links in per site.


Just like this looks not totally all social bookmarking sites allow these links to be viewed by search engines. These sites are called no follow link sites – this is a list,,,,,,,, Remember they’re still great bookmarking sites to become popular and drive traffic.

Another thing to consider for building links is in your bio, make sure to use keyword rich anchor text where allowed. This is the text that matches your links. Keep in mind to use good relevant keywords to tag your site.

Set yourself a goal regarding how many sites you think you register for each day. Make a listing of the sites you’ve signed up top 100 social bookmarking sites 2018 for and any notes for future reference. A maximum of five each day might be attainable for most of us, then it doesn’t become a tedious task.

To create this go as easy as possible, ensure that your profile and any information that will have to be properly used when registering, is easy to get at in order to save the maximum amount of time as possible. This can be achieved on any word processor or note pad. Find a typical e-mail and password for all the sites and have this in your note pad and in your set of sites that you’ve on a spreadsheet.

The past part with this strategy, or could be the very first, is to find the bookmarking sites. In the event that you Google “set of social bookmarking sites” or “social bookmarking list” or other variations, you will see a huge selection of sites. Check the page rank on each site and remember to concentrate on the greatest ranking sites first.

The target here is to just setup the sites and complete the info for link building and page rank.

2. On the few sites that you are likely to focus your networking energies, the target and challenge is “how do I get my content noticed?” The experts say the information with the loudest buzz wins. To obtain noticed you need to connect to pages within each site that are full of content. The key word here is content. Members of social bookmarking sites are content hungry, so we are told!


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